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Trade with an EDGE with the Forex Alerts!

We know busy lifestyles make it difficult to stay current on the latest Forex market conditions; that’s why our forex alerts assist traders around the world with their buy and sell decisions.  James Dicks has been sending forex alerts to his customers for more than 10 years.  A pioneer in the retail forex industry in the US,  James has introduced millions of people to the forex industry thru his education, training, and support. 

A key component to any traders success, is education.  Our forex alerts can assist you in not just your learning curve but also give you an idea as to what we are trading and when.


We use proprietary technology to help us identify strong trading opportunities. Buy, Sell or Hold you will know when to pull the trigger.Our technology together with traditional charting and fundamentals: 



The Forex Wizard incorporates proven technical indicators and color coded graphics to create an easy to read by and sell indicator.  We use multiple time frames and up to 4 separate indicators to help determine the overall direction of the currency pairs.  Now you get the same thing thru our alerts at your finger tips instantly.


Allow us to see the trends as they are happening in real time and get the trading opportunity to your hand quickly. We deliver our alerts in real time as the are setting up via multiple platforms and technology, including, Iphone, Android, Ipad, and emails.




If you are tired of all the confusing education, training and tools out there, then get your free trial now to the Forex Edge Alerts and see for your self how your trading will take a turn.

  Get A 10-Day Free Trial Today!



Why chase a trade to only find yourself on the losing side.  You need a team of traders working for you.  Trades that have spent years in the market perfecting their skills and when they see a trade they like you can follow along in real time.


Call now 1-866-276-1923 or click here to fill out an online request. 



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