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PremiereTrade Alerts Tutorial

PremiereTrade Alerts are sent via Alerts Messenger, including advanced features to receive emails and via mobile devices as well.  Once fully downloaded, double click on the  icon located on your desktop to open up. 

You will be prompted to activate your subscription by entering your logon information.  Once done, your icon will be located on your system tray bar located on the lower right hand corner of your screen.


Navigating through the PremiereTrade Alerts:


*Left Click will bring up the Alert window

*Right Click will bring the features menu.  See details below!




Options:  Set your own customizable alert’s sound to play when new alert arrives.  Otherwise, you’ll keep the default sound already established by the program.


Alerts Log:  Here you can open previous Alerts Log window showing all previous alerts as they appeared.  The software will keep track of previous alerts for the last (7) previous days.  You can clear the Log when required.


Auto Close Timer:  Set the time taken for Alert window to close itself automatically.


Window Position:  Set the position of Alert Window which pops up whenever there is new alert. You may choose from any of the 8 positions across the screen namely Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Left Center and Right Center.


Sign Out:  You can Sign out of the program so that no Alerts are fetched from your account till you Sign In again. This can be useful when you are away from computer for extended periods of time.

Visit us: www.jdfn.com


Help:  Should you need assistance, please let us know.


Exit:  Here you can close the alerts application.



Our PremiereTrade Alerts team consists of *12 Trading Portfolios TOTAL.  Keep in mind that similar strategies correspond to each of these, except our Long Term portfolios.  Our average stop loss risk per trade varies on market conditions, but it’s usually 30-50 PIPS with a 2:1 risk to reward ratio on profit targets.  While we analyze multiple time frames, the majority of our active trades are sent from either 15/30 min time periods.


Portfolio I = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio II = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio III = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio IV = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio V = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio VI = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio VII = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio VIII = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio IX = Day/Active Trading

Portfolio "RADAR" = Pending/Limit Orders ONLY


Upon market conditions, you will get to receive signals from our Long Term portfolios.  These are done strictly using our Monthly, Weekly, Daily and ultimately the 4hr chart to execute trades.  Keep in mind that the main focus is to keep trades running for a few days, perhaps weeks.  Because of this, our stop losses can be out of the normal when compared to our active trades, but not necessarily out of range when analyzing higher time frames.  Once again the same rule applies on the 2:1 Risk to Reward Ratio for profit targets.


Portfolio LT better known as “Long Term” = Swing/Long Term Trading

Portfolio LT II better known as “Long Term II” = Swing/Long Term Trading


Note: "PremiereTrade Alerts Icon" 

Any questions, please let us know at support@jdfn.com


Dial: 866.276.1923 (USA/CAN)

407.265.1212 (outside of the USA)


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