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Each of us creates our own world, today and tomorrow, by the thoughts and dreams we create. This is precisely why financial freedom is viewed so differently once you get past the dollar number. Our dreams are all different, and that variety is a good thing. Can you imagine how difficult life would be if we all wanted to be doctors?

In order for life to work, we must all be different. We must have different dreams and different aspirations. But this very variety means that these dreams can all be fulfilled—assuming that each of us is honest with himself or herself and finds his or her true dream.
Not someone else’s dream—your dream.

Financial freedom is your dream. As long as you can dream, you can continue to succeed. Show me a person who has no dream, and I will show you someone who is poor. A millionaire dreams, and then sets out to make those dreams real. Once you stop dreaming, you stop the magic. That’s because you have created the world you wanted. You stop moving forward, because your dreams have ended. Either you are content to live with what you have or you are constantly frustrated because you don’t have enough—or you learn to dream again.

Think about this for a moment. Look around you at the people you know who, when measured in terms of financial prosperity, have a successful life. Inevitably, the ones who are the happiest are the ones who are still dreaming. Those who have stopped dreaming become overly concerned about the money they have. They begin to hoard their wealth in a way that restricts even their own pleasure.

It’s a sad predicament: to be snared by your failing or extinguished dreams. As my grandmother always said, “Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it.” In other words, be ready to handle the consequences of what you think you want, because you may indeed get it. Money without a plan is worthless. That is why the first step should be to create that plan.

You must be ready for your wealth before you get it. The plan you develop for financial success will be based on sound fundamentals, rather than on some pie-in-the-sky, get-richquick scheme. You can build the wealth you seek. It won’t come overnight, but once you master our method, you won’t care. You will be systematically working toward your long-term goal, while at the same time earning money and enjoying the journey. Isn’t that what you really want? Satisfaction today, and financial freedom tomorrow?

Don’t miss my next blog in which I will discuss the principles of wealth creation.

My Best
James Dicks

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