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We have all heard that old adage and this old saying fits just about every situation we experience in our lives but none more than right now. As our economy continues to suffer, so do all of us. Some of us are business owners and some of us serve. Some of us are employed but to the individuals who are currently unemployed the message is very simple - - you just have to keep moving the ball along. Every day is a new challenge and, if it’s done right, the ball moves forward inch by inch and that’s all that can be expected in these troubling times.

No matter how tough or grim you perceive the situation to be always, remember that you are blessed in so many ways. If you find yourself among the ranks of the unemployed you just might have to think about that for a while; it might take a lot of reflection. But no matter what happens, each day is glorious and opens the door to new possibilities. It will always get better - it always does.

There is the catch though. You have to do something and sometimes that something is just getting off the couch to try and make something happen. Most times it is the small things that turn into the big things and sometimes the things you try turn out to be nothing. But whatever you do will always give you new light into what you have already done and that’s when inspiration springs to life.

Just yesterday I was consulting with a very successful business owner and like the rest of us he was down a little on his business. Like all good business owners in these volatile times he has stayed the course and made some very tough decisions but in the end was moving the ball along. He told me he was becoming frustrated not “seeing the trees because of the forest” thing so I told him to start something new. Of course, he said that now is not the time and if you look at logic that might make sense. But in fact, it is the time. When times are tough and you feel that you have done all you can; when you’re just out of fresh ideas then it’s time to start something new; it’s time to try something different. Don't worry if things don't work out every time - one thing is for sure - you will never know if you don't give it a try.

I am not saying to throw everything you have at an untested initiative or to risk everything. I am just saying to start a new project. Here's why and here is what you will probably find out. As you work on your new project two things will happen; you will be successful or fail pretty fast. There is also an in-between. While you are waiting for the lull in your existing business to subside, you will be focused on something completely different allowing you to be creative in other directions. Sometimes you will end up with a brand new course to explore and other times it is all you need to get re-energized with your existing business. You just need to step back and look at things a little differently and developing new projects will do that for you. They always have for me.

Don't worry if you aren’t a business owner; this exercise works just as well either way. You can personally go out and volunteer some time. I can guarantee you that volunteering will give you a great perspective on what others are going through and you just might find your situation isn’t as bad as you thought. Even if you are looking for a job full-time right now, a few hours of volunteer work at your local hospital or Veteran’s Administration will allow you to see first hand the possibilities that still exist in this great country of ours.

All you have to do is get up and do it -

All my best
James dicks

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