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Tremendous Volatility in the FOREX AGAIN!

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Unfortunately, we do not expect to get a "W" each and every week/month.  Its not impossible, it's just not realistic most of the time!  

Yes, we were in the (-) for June and July unfortunately.  However, our focus will always be the same while making sure that our trading style is kept as realistic as possible.  We have already recouped all of June/July's results within the first 2 weeks of August plus more pips along the way. 


DO NOT FALL into the TRAPS of OTHERS claiming to have captured thousands of PIPS when the reality is always quite DIFFERENT.


Whether there's a (+) or a (-) trade; you'll hear it from US.  Market is full of UPS and DOWNS, but there's always a +GOAL in mind at the end of each trading month.


Follow our Forex Alerts/Signals and we'll try our best to TARGET:  

- Daily goal of 30-80 Pips (Upon Market Conditions)

- Get Alerts with Exact Entries, Stops and Limits

- Get REALTIME Alerts on WIn/MAC Desktops, Mobile Apps, Email...

- Up-to-date constant alert update in the event of alert closure earlier than expected.

- And much more... (Read More)


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